A Master of Arts in Teaching is a practical degree for people who are interested in becoming teachers or for these professionals who wish to advance their careers. Teachers can have a lifelong impact on their students, so teaching is a special profession. It is also a practical profession since the job market for teachers is huge and salaries can be competitive in the right districts.

Teacher education programs, including Master of Arts, can be a great choice for educators aspiring for a career in school administration.

While the teaching profession remains in turmoil with various strikes and fighting for equal pay, the overall employment outlook for teachers is bright. Nearly all reform efforts include a push for smaller class sizes and as the population continues to increase, so will the desire for more teachers.

While a Master of Arts in Teaching is a good idea, it can be difficult to go to school full time while also working full time, especially if you have to attend class on campus. Thankfully, there are several high-quality, accredited online master’s in teaching programs that are very flexible for full-time professionals.

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Check out the best online Master of Arts in Teaching programs.

#1 – Purdue University Global

purdue university global e1674411190828

Online Master of Arts in Teaching Degree


Affordability: $8,730/year in-state and $9,700/year out-of-state

Purdue University Global offers one of the best Master of Arts in Teaching programs in the U.S.  It is offered nationwide for professionals who are interested in the field of education and already possess a bachelor’s degree in another field of study, or in education.

The teaching program is designed to help people who want to change careers. The program teaches them the professional competencies required for secondary educators who teach grades 5 through 12. The program doesn’t lead to certification, but it does provide college graduates with a solid foundation to pursue alternative routes to a teacher certification.

Students can complete their MAT degree in just 18 months of full-time study.  Courses are delivered in short, six-week sessions.  Multiple start dates provide flexibility for students already balancing work and life responsibilities.  Course offerings include:

  • Reading in the Content Areas
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Perspectives on Diversity

Career opportunities for MAT graduates include working as a secondary school teacher or as an elementary teacher.

#2 – Western Governors University

western governors uni e1480100513492

Master of Arts in Teaching Online


Affordability: $7,500/year

Western Governors University is a 100% online college founded by the governors of 19 states and led by the governors of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. The main administrative offices are located in Salt Lake City, but all classes are conducted online. The Teacher’s College offers post—baccalaureate and master’s degree programs, including Master of Arts in Teaching programs online.

Western Governors offers MAT online programs in six different areas including:

  • English Education (secondary)
  • Elementary Education
  • Mathematics Education (secondary)
  • Mathematics Education (middle grades)
  • Science Education (secondary)
  • Special Education (K-12)

Students can earn their online Master of Arts in Teaching in just 18 months.  The program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation and the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation.  Students will increase their knowledge by taking courses like:

  • Essential Practices for Supporting Diverse Learners
  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Using Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning

Students with a bachelor’s degree in a non-teaching field can complete the MAT program to prepare for licensure.  Students already working in the field of education can complete the MAT to add to their license and teach additional subjects.  Scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available to make the program accessible.

#3 – Liberty University Online

liberty university

Online Master of Arts in Teaching


Affordability: $7,847/year

Liberty University Online offers an online Master of Arts in Teaching with several different specialization options.  The standard online 36-credit hour program can be completed in just 18 months of study.  Courses are delivered in a 100% online format in short, eight-week sessions.  Specializations are available in:

  • Elementary Education
  • Middle Grades
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education

The 45-credit hour MAT degree includes nine additional credit hours in electives.  This additional coursework allows students to meet content competencies or pursue an additional endorsement area.  Specializations include:

  • Elementary Education
  • Elementary Education-Special Education General Curriculum
  • Middle Grades
  • Secondary Education
  • Special Education
  • Special Education-Adapted Curriculum and Early Childhood Special Education with CTE-Transition and Special Needs

The final program track offered by Liberty is the 51-hour MAT degree.  They offer two MAT in Special Education degree tracks including:

  • MAT in Special Education-Early Childhood Special Education and General Curriculum
  • MAT in Special Education-General Curriculum and Adapted Curriculum with CTE-Transition and Special Needs

Programs are open to students with and without previous teaching experience.  Affordable tuition rates make the program easier to access for those on a budget.  Students may even be eligible for funding through the Federal TEACH Grant.

4.  University of Southern California

University of Southern California Logo e1675808012134

Master of Arts in Teaching Online


Affordability: $60,446/year

The online Master of Education in Teaching from the University of Southern California features a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for career advancement.  The program consists of courses that build fundamental knowledge along with hands-on field experience.  Two concentrations are available including Multiple Subject Teaching and Single Subject Teaching.  Course offerings include:

  • Blended Learning Experiences for Students in Urban Schools
  • Applying Knowledge and Strategies for Teaching All Students
  • Applications of Curriculum and Pedagogy

Courses are delivered in a live, synchronous online format.  Coursework is self-paced.  Field experiences can be completed close to home.

Full-time students can complete the program in just 12 to 18 months.  Part-time students typically take between 17 months and three years to complete.

5.  Kansas State University

Kansas State University Logo

Master of Arts in Teaching – Elementary Education


Affordability: $10,294/year in-state and $23,018/year out-of-state

Kansas State University features a unique online Masters of Arts in Teaching created for students planning a career change.  The program prepares students for initial K-6 certification.  Students can begin the program during the fall, spring or summer semesters.  There are two program tracks to choose from including a practitioner track and a license-seeking track.  Course offerings include:

  • Action Research in Education
  • Social Foundations of Education
  • Teaching Health, Movement and Fine Arts

Students can complete their degree in as little as 11 months.  Applications are accepted year-round.  Graduates are prepared to teach K-6.  The program boasts a 97% job placement rate.

6. American University

AmericanUniversitylogo 60 e1513629738782

Master of Arts in Teaching Program


Affordability: $37,447/year

The School of Education at American University in Washington DC offers one of the top online masters in teaching programs.   The online program track is available in elementary education.  Students do not need to have any previous training or experience in education to be considered for acceptance into the program.

Students move through the program in a cohort.  They take the same courses with their peers throughout the program.  This allows students to build a professional network of peers from different backgrounds and experiences.  Each week students are engaged in both synchronous and asynchronous classes.  Course offerings include:

  • Theories of Educational Psychology and Human Development
  • Effective Teaching for Diverse Students
  • Foundations of Special Education for Exceptional Children

100% of American University MAT graduates are working in the field or continuing their education.  Some of the top employers for AU graduates include DC Charter Schools and DCPS.

7. Northcentral University


Online Master of Arts in Teaching Degree


Affordability: $16,881/year

The online MAT from Northcentral University was designed by industry experts.  The program aligns with the standards set by the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium.  Students can choose from eight different concentration areas including:

  • Curriculum and Teaching
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Reading Education
  • Special Education
  • E-Learning
  • Sports Management
  • Athletic Coaching
  • English Language Learners

The program is a great choice for students who already have an alternative teacher certification and want to enhance their skills.  Coursework can be completed 100% online, making this a great choice for working professionals.  There are no GRE/GMAT requirements for admission.  Students can complete their degree in just 13 months.

8. Thomas More University

Thomas More University e1675820487700

Master of Arts in Teaching


Affordability: $10,440/year

Thomas More University features a 30-credit hour MAT for students who have already earned their bachelor’s degree.  Students can earn initial licensure by completing their degree.  Courses are offered in short, eight week terms.  Students are supported by faculty and staff during and after their time at Thomas More.

Courses are taught by expert faculty and include:

  • Curriculum Design and Assessment
  • Educational Technology
  • Classroom Management and Discipline

MAT students will also participate in a student teaching to gain professional experience.  Students can complete their degree in just 24 months.

9. Missouri State University 

Missouri State University

Master of Arts in Teaching Degree


Affordability: $5,760/year in-state and $11,520/year out-of-state

The Master of Arts in Teaching from Missouri State University allows students to extend their expertise to the classroom.  Over 20 different specializations are available including those in:

  • middle school education
  • career and technical education
  • music and physical education

Students can earn their teaching certificate and master’s at the same time.  Courses are offered 100% online.  There are no required log-in times so students can complete their coursework when it is most convenient. You can feel confident you’re receiving a relevant education with courses taught by faculty with professional classroom experience.

10. Morningside University

Morningside University Logo e1666400107121

Online Master of Arts in Teaching Degree


Affordability: $6,516/year

Morningside is a small, regionally accredited university located in Sioux City, Iowa. The Sharon Walker School of Education Graduate Education Program is the driving force behind the online MAT. Courses are taught entirely online by professional faculty with practical experience. There are 13 different specializations including some that lead to initial licensure such as special education and elementary education. Classroom teachers who need an endorsement can choose from 12 different options. Professional development courses are also available for teachers seeking to enhance their skill set.

11. Stephen F. Austin State University

stephen austin e1483394039198

Master of Arts in Teaching with Teacher Certification Preparation


Affordability: $5,262/year in-state and $13,524/year out-of-state

Stephen F. Austin State University offers a 30-credit hour graduate program for students with a bachelor’s degree and want teacher certification.  Coursework is fully online and both synchronous and asynchronous formats are used.  Course offerings include:

  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Classroom Management and Professional Responsibilities
  • Professional Certification and Ethics

Students complete 30 hours of observation along with a clinical teaching experience.  An internship is also required.

12. Columbia College 

Columbia College Logo e1675870046257

Online Master of Arts in Teaching


Affordability: $8,442/year

Columbia College is a regionally accredited institution offering an innovative MAT program.  MAT students will explore all aspects of learning and teaching with dedicated faculty.  The flexible schedule allows students to navigate school and work responsibilities.  Course offerings include:

  • Research Design
  • Theories of Learning
  • Development, Gender and Cultural Differences

Students complete a professional portfolio that documents their growth and accomplishments.  Graduates are well positioned to move up the salary schedule and become leaders in their school systems.

13. University of Saint Francis

University of Saint Francis logo e1675876562458

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)


Affordability: $12,418/year

The online MAT at the University of Saint Francis is a flexible program with options for those with and without a teaching license.  Students can prepare for initial Indiana licensure as:

  • elementary teachers
  • middle school teachers
  • high school teachers

Students who already have a teacher license can complete the MAT and position themselves for career advancement.  The program is structured with six start dates available throughout the year.  Most courses are offered in short eight-week sessions.  To complete the MAT program, students also complete a 16-week practicum and a clinical internship.

14. University of Central Arkansas

University of Central Arkansas Logo e1675876870580

Online Master of Arts in Teaching


Affordability: $5,063/year

The online MAT at the University of Central Arkansas is established by the College of Education.  The program is designed for both mid-career professionals and recent graduates who need teaching credentials to become classroom teachers.  There are three, 36-credit hour tracks to choose from including:

  • K-6
  • Middle Level
  • Secondary

The low tuition rate is the same whether students are in-state or out-of-state.  Students must complete a semester long internship in their own classroom to complete their degree.

15. Southern University at New Orleans

suno logo2 e1675877387236

Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education


Affordability: $6,024/year in-state and $12,965/year out-of-state

The MAT offered by SUNO is a specialized program for students interested in special education.  The program is designed for those with a bachelor’s degree in a non-education field who want to gain initial certification in mild/moderate special education.  Graduates can become certified in secondary education as well as special education at the secondary level.  All courses are offered online.  Students complete field experience requirements in their own communities.