The mission of our site is to ensure high quality education for future generations by facilitating the licensure of early childhood educators. We work to attain this goal by providing practical resources for aspiring educators that will enable them to make informed choices on how to proceed with the development of their careers. Our mission continues on to support those who have already chosen their path to certification and wish to make the next step in developing themselves professionally.

Early childhood education is of utmost importance in today’s rapidly developing world. As the standards for education advance on a global scale, the world demands that educators at all levels be both accomplished and able. Undergoing training and certification for your chosen career in early childhood education guarantees your employment. It also guarantees your positive contribution to the future of your students. By becoming certified, you make a promise to yourself to be the best you can be, and a promise to your students that you will enable them to become their best as well.

Before you can decide what kind of early childhood educator you will become, you must understand the array of choices before you. We strive to keep you up-to-date on the diverse and evolving field of childhood education. Armed with your understanding of what various jobs within the field have to offer, you will be best positioned to make a choice that capitalizes on your strengths and provides the most satisfaction for both you and your students.

We have also compiled data relevant to your interests as someone who wishes to work with the education of young children. This extra information will better enable you to make your decision. Here you will find articles pertaining not only to education and the attainment of teaching certificates but to parenting and play. As a future educator it will also be part of your job to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of educational theory. Our website allows you to easily browse and navigate new stories and information that are relevant to your career.

Examples of the articles we give you access to include those that discuss the life satisfaction of preschool teachers, the way technology is being used as an educational tool both in and outside the classroom, and the rate of pay for certified early childhood educators. We also link to TED talks targeting the experience of students as well as teachers. By taking these various aspects of your future into account you can prepare yourself to be the best possible professional in your desired field of training.

Once you have chosen the career for which you will train, you can consider us your point of access to the application process. For your benefit, we have carefully examined programs and constructed lists of the top ten programs in multiple fields. Our lists include program overviews as well as the unique features particular to a program. You will also learn the admissions requirements for a given school and be provided with a link to help you get started.

With the help of our website, you will be able to set yourself up for a fulfilling career in early childhood education. Following our advice to the attainment of your certification ensures a high-quality life for you and high-quality education for your students, our future.

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