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10 Famous People With Autism
When thinking of people with autism, individuals seem to gravitate towards deficits in their existence- their “peculiar” routines, repetitive physical behaviors, and discomfort in social situations. We want to highlight individuals for their assets, their genius, and for their contributions to the world. Many autistic people actually have spoke music skills, math and science abilities and other creative spike skills. Listing off just 10 people with autism is just that- listing off 10 people with autism. In fact it well-known that this spectrum disorder is filled with unique individuals as unique and distinct as anyone else. What sets these individuals apart is not their struggle, but their triumph.

Pedagogical Theories All Teachers Should Know
If you’ve spent any time teaching, then you know there are countless ways to approach a subject. And no one (or two, or five) way(s) to teach a student. You probably also have a few of your own favorite methods, and a variety of ways in which you’ve “reached” your students. As you continue to teach, your style as a teacher will start to emerge. And while some elements of your teaching style will likely stick with you through your teaching career, the countless assessments, workshops, and moments of private development will at times prompt changes in your teaching style. But how should one know the right ways to change how you teach?

10 Tools and Tips for Parents Trying to Limit Screen Time
The results are in, and too much screen time can have detrimental effects to your child’s brain. Yikes! This is not a small issue. We have worked ourselves into another major pickle one push notification at a time. Screens are rewarding, both visually and in a tactile manner, devices are designed to ding all of the pleasure centers of the brain. And those games are like candy. If you’re like us you’ve pictured it…

The Best MOOCs for Learning About Autism
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the fastest growing disorder in the world according to the Center for Disease Control. Not only that but 1 in 68 children have been identified with ASD. All racial, socioeconomic, and ethnic groups are affected by autism, and the chances are you either know of someone personally who has ASD, you yourself have ASD, or are closely related to someone who lives with autism.

20 Extraordinary Summer Camps in Nature
When that final bell rings for the end of the year, and graduation ceremonies are over, what next? For many children across America, there’s plenty of down time in front of screens, online chats, and maybe some sports. Those activities though normal are far from traditional. For over 100 years, sleepaway camps have been much closer to what is normal for young children, tweens, and teenagers.

The 50 Best Books 16

The Best Books on Early Childhood Education We’ve combed through thousands of books on early childhood education, looking at the reviews of educators, administrators, and parents to bring you our resource on the best books on early childhood education. Enjoy!

The 50 Best Books 14

20 Best Books on Educational Technology
The time to embrace change in education is right now! In fact, it’s long overdue. Did you know that the model for modern-day public education was created by the need for on-time mechanical workers during the industrial revolution?

The 50 Best Books 13

10 Best Books on Differentiation
In today’s 21st- Century classroom the challenge to reach all learners is one that is ever-pressing on the back of every great educator’s mind. How can I make sure all of my students are learning? How can I keep all learners engaged?

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America’s Typical Teacher [Infographic]
We all have teachers to thank for our successes in life. They helped us build the foundation of knowledge necessary for our professional and personal lives. Let’s take a look at the average teacher in the United States and the undoubtedly difficult conditions they often face in their profession.


The 50 Best Books on Special Ed
50 Best books for education is a resource for parents, educators, and children. This collection of books is a compilation of literature that aims to give you a glimpse at the history of special education, practical research, inspiration, and help in advocating for your student or child.

Early Childhood Brain Development Milestones
The human mind learns a lot within its first five years, and this period is therefore undoubtedly a crucial one for brain development. We created this list to give budding early childhood education students an insight into the varied stages of neurological growth and development in children. Hopefully the article will also assist such students’ future academic choices as a consequence.


Vision: How Our Eyes Develop
What you see is your world. And for infants and the very young, it’s a large part of their very small world. From infants first recognizing glance at their parents, to sensory input so crucial to brain development, eyes are important. Here’s how.Your baby sees the world differently from you, literally.


What’s Going On Inside Your Child’s Brain?
A child’s brain has completely different priorities than an adults.
Children think, behave, and learn differently — Meaning parenting and teaching can be a challenge
Below we see how different sections of the brain trigger behaviors in children and adults.

Effective Parents

6 Habits of Highly Effective Parents
There’s no one way to raise a kid right. But there are a few things that many of the most successful parents do. Here are some habits that the best parents develop.
Children’s emotional/social/intellectual skills are like a muscle.
Parents can exercise or atrophy them.


The Pre-Planned Childhood
Gone are the days of exploring empty lots, climbing trees, or playing in a stream. You’ve got band at four, volunteering at five, and your tutor at a quarter til six; then you’ve got 4 hours of homework. Welcome to being a kid in the 21st century. Increasingly, every moment of our children’s lives are planned out, from before they are born, all the way through graduate school and first internships or jobs. While the economy might be bad, the workplace competitive — and we certainly do want a well-trained and tech-savvy generation — what price are we willing to pay?


Taking the Plunge: Immersion Programs Help Children Learn Other Languages
In an increasingly diverse country and expanding global economy, it’s more important than ever that children be able to communicate in the languages of their peers. Some language immersion programs focus on bringing English language learner students up to speed, while others focus on teaching native English speakers new languages. Let’s take a look at why immersion programs are necessary, how they work and what the benefits are.


The Best Online Resources for Learning To Read
There are literally hundreds of websites and apps (for both Apple devices and Android) focused on teaching children to read. But which ones are the best? The ones recommended by leading parenting organizations? This list will hopefully make it easy and convenient to assist you and your children as they learn read. This diverse list of websites offer reading tools, activities, and ideas to help you address any of your child’s needs.


Tablets for Teaching Kids
Kids are increasingly tech savvy and parents and teachers are trying to keep up.
Should tablets be used in classrooms? What are the pros and cons?
Can the iPad and Android Tablet help improve early childhood skills?
More than 50% of teachers as well as administrators said children use technology 5 days a week in their classroom and less than 10% of them said children use technology less than once a week.


Home Is Where the School Is: Understanding Home-Schooling in the United States
Before the advent of formal, communal education, children were educated in the home. But with schools opening in the American colonies in the 1600s, education outside of the home has been common practice in the United States for centuries.
The past four decades have seen a resurgence of home schooling in the U.S.


The Play’s the Thing: How Fun Can Make Your Child a Better Student
Fun — it’s not just for, well, fun. Playing games can help boost a person’s development throughout their childhood.
Play helps children develop!
Playing is about more than just having fun — play of all types are critical for intellectual, emotional, social and physical development.


The Milestones of Your Little Rocket Scientist’s Development
Welcome to the rapidly expanding world of your child: 90% of your child’s brain capacity develops before age 5… By age three a child’s brain has formed 3 quadrillion connections. Brain development between 0-3 years old is the most significant period of development the brain ever undergoes. Three year old’s have a vocabulary of 900 words, a 3x increase from age 2.A four year old’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s!

potty training

The Straight Poop: Adventures in Toilet Training
This isn’t your mom’s potty training — or even yours, for that matter. Children are going diaper-free at older and older ages. Is this change a result of better knowledge about child development or simply because we have better diapers today? And how can you make your baby’s toilet-training process go — ahem — smoothly?This graphic explores some of the modern thinking with regards to potty training, and also has some nifty tricks and tips to help keep you from pulling out your hair


The Wired Child
Today’s preschoolers are a member of Generation C, the connected society. They have always known a world where social media and apps are an integral part of life
.How much do they know, and how much do they really need to know at such a young age?


50 Of The Best Books For Parents
Parenting is a difficult yet rewarding job. There is little formal preparation available for those who want to become parents. Reading books on the subject has become a very important way to gain understanding and insight into the needs of children and how to respond to them. Following is a list of 50 books that will help parents guide their children on the path from baby to adult.

7 Reasons Preschool Teachers Make Awesome Wives
If any woman’s occupation prepares her for marriage, it has to be that of a preschool teacher. A teacher of preschool children is used to dealing with a group of little people under four feet tall from a variety of backgrounds during the most active part of their day. There just does not seem to be much that would faze her.
Here are just a few of the many reasons a man may want to wed a preschool teacher.

The 10 Most Incredible Playgrounds On Earth
Modern playground designs are capable of limiting bullying and promoting children’s links to their natural surroundings. And given that playground spaces can be such an important part of childhood, perhaps it’s not surprising that various playgrounds worldwide have been built with innovative designs. The results are diverse – a selection of fascinating environments that often appeal to parents (almost) as much as children.

11 Amazing TED Talks About Children And Early Childhood Education
The best thinkers in the world are studying what brings about positive educational development in our young children– which, arguably, is one of the most important aspects of growth. Getting them started on the right educational path early is crucial to their success. Any resource that promoted this would be truly invaluable. In these 11 terrific TED talks, some of the brightest minds in the world rise up to the challenge and give tremendous insight into the growing minds of our kids.

25 Pinterest Accounts Every Pre-School Teacher Should Be Following
Let’s take a look at 25 Pinterest accounts that you should be following if you’re looking for inspiration, parenting advice and terrific ideas for and about pre-school age children. We’ve spotlighted these remarkable Pinterest pinners for their insight, helpfulness and savvy about kids. To whet your appetite, we’ve also identified a particularly terrific pin for each account to introduce you to each of these Pinterest preschool superstars.