Effective Parents

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6 Habits of Highly Effective Parents

There’s no one way to raise a kid right. But there are a few things that many of the most successful parents do. Here are some habits that the best parents develop.

Children’s emotional/social/intellectual skills are like a muscle.

Parents can exercise or atrophy them.

Here are the 6 habits of highly effective parents:

Talk to Your Kids:

Average conversation length strongly correlates with children’s IQ’s and reading ability.
Note: 88-98% of words children use by the age of 3 are from their parents’ vocabularies. The more you talk to your children, the higher their functional vocabulary.

Read to Your Kids:

Studies show that children whose parents read to them for at least 20 minutes a day are as much as a grade level ahead of other kids by age 15.
Note: reading levels by third grade predict high school success. Start early!

Let Your Kids Play:

Play fosters executive function skills.

Executive function is the ability to self regulate, enhanced working memory, reasoning, task flexibility, reasoning and problem solving.
Note: In Finland, one of the top ranked education systems in the world, kids take 15 minute unstructured breaks after 45 minutes of instruction.

Limit TV Time:
1+ hours of TV a day
= trouble concentrating and succeeding at school.

Children under 2 should not watch television.

Do you want your kids exposed to…

Worse Health?
The Average child watches 20,000 advertisements yearly. 34% of which are for sugary cereals.
Other Effects:
Overloads visual portion of brain, destroys creativity.

Foster the Little Artists:

You’ve probably seen it:
When asked who’s an artist–
Kindergarten: all kids raise their hands. “Me, me me me!”
1st Grade: Everyone raises a timid hand
5th Grade: 3 or 4 kids in a class raise hands, unsure.
Creativity is as much the confidence to create as the skills to be a creator.

Snuggle up!

Touching, rocking, talking, smiling, and singing function as nourishment for young children… laying the foundation of a healthy and well developed brain.



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