If any woman’s occupation prepares her for marriage, it has to be that of a preschool teacher. A teacher of preschool children is used to dealing with a group of little people under four feet tall from a variety of backgrounds during the most active part of their day. There just does not seem to be much that would faze her.

Here are just a few of the many reasons a man may want to wed a preschool teacher:

Unconditional Love

One thing about a preschool kid is that he is pretty much a blank slate. He has not accomplished much in life yet besides being cute and leaving havoc in his wake. Unless he has had the misfortune of having an extremely angelic or a particularly devilish older sibling in the same preschool, the teacher will accept him for who he is.

The kind of woman that teaches a preschool child makes a great wife because she is used to loving people for who they are, not what they have accomplished. Once a man becomes a student of her “class”, she will champion his cause.


She will always appreciate his unique hobbies. He may need to stress the fact that video games count as creative play. Instead of “man cave”, he may want to try the term “learning center”. She may even sit down and play along.


Chances are a preschool teacher has seen her share of messes. From potty accidents to paint splotches on the carpet, she has scrubbed up the worst of them.

While it may not be a good idea to assume that she will do the same for him, a man can breathe a little easier when he knows that his dusty collection of model cars is not likely to raise an eyebrow. If his mess is something that could be damaged with the application of a disinfecting wipe, he may want to clean it up himself before the vows are exchanged.


For men that enjoy frequent displays of affection, a preschool teacher is perfect. She is used to random hugs when she is trying to talk. The man that marries her will be greeted at the door with a hug every time. She may also unbutton his coat for him and give his nose a swipe with a tissue. He can just count that as a bonus.

Cool Under Pressure

If a man’s idea of a crisis is the electric going out during Monday night football, he will be glad to know that is nothing for a preschool teacher. She has often fielded 10 different crises at once, and that is before the parents leave the building.

When something comes up that a man cannot handle, a preschool teacher is great to have on hand. She will not only have the game up and running again, but she will also serve up the non-allergenic snacks and juice boxes in front of the television.


A woman who can keep a class of 20 little ones entertained for six hours a day is certain to make a man’s life interesting. Spontaneity is her rule of life, and he will never quite know what she is going to do next. This is not cause for concern. If she sees he is already entertaining himself, she is likely to leave him alone due to the whole “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” thing.

A Positive Outlook

Marrying a woman trained to work with preschoolers is a beautiful thing. She would never tell her charges, “Don’t run, honey!” That would be too negative. Instead, she encourages them to slow down with, “Let’s walk like a dinosaur!”

This training is especially beautiful on the day when her husband comes home to tell her his job is transferring to the opposite coast or his fishing trip with his buddies is scheduled the weekend her mother is coming for a visit. With any luck, she will be excited about living near the beach or the quality time alone with her mom.

Wonderful Mother

Of course this is the most obvious trait of a preschool teacher. There is no chance of her moaning when her newborn is handed to her in the hospital, “But what do I do with him?” Diaper changes and middle of the night feedings will be no problem.

She may find it hard to adjust to one child at a time. If a man is not too fond of children himself, he may want to point out that their home is not quite the dimensions of her classroom so she may need to scale back a bit.

One thing she will not be able to scale back on is her love. The man she marries and the children they share will have all the affection she is used to lavishing on a roomful of people. What man wouldn’t want that?